View Student Progress in Teacher Dashboard

Before you read more:

NOTE: This explainer assumes that students have already setup accounts and enrolled in your classroom.

Students need to enter the enrollment code to connect to your teacher classroom.

Example Enrollment Code


My Students Have Enrolled

If your students have enrolled into your classroom then your classroom will update with student progress. Here is how to view student progress.  Need more help? Read: How to set up a classroom.

Login to the Teacher Dashboard

You should see your classrooms. Select the classroom tile that you want to view student progress. Select the blue classroom button.

Gradebook selection



Select the Report View You Want to View

Select Gradebook by  Chapter or Gradebook by Assignments to view your entire class at a glance.



View Student Progress by Assignment

Select the Assignment gradebook view 


Now you will see the student progress for the concepts you have assigned. 


Learn how to create assignments


View Student Progress by Chapter

Let's say you asked your students to practice the chapter "Rational Numbers". Select that chapter.

Open Select Chapter

chapter selector

View Student Progress for That Chapter

Student progress is updated in real time. You can always hit refresh to see changes to progress sooner. Student progress is reported using a four point scale with three being proficient. 



If your gradebook has been open for a while you can click update to refresh your student progress data.  

gradebookv refressh button


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