Assigning Math Practice

If you haven't already, I would encourage you to download the Ardor Math practice app to one of your

own personal mobile devices, such as an phone or table. Ardor Math supports both iOS and Android. 

Take a few minutes to browse the variety of problem types. You will notice that the course contents section has several chapters relevant to the course(s) you selected. Each course content chapter has several different problem types.  Select a problem type to begin your math practice session (see figure 1). 


Figure 1 - Chapter and problem type selection


As students complete math practice the results are piped to the teacher dashboard.  At a glance, you will be able to see how every student in your class is performing.  The colors help you quickly identify students who are struggling and those who are exceeding (see figure 2).


Figure 2 - Colored progress bars help you quickly assess student progress for each problem type.


Problem types are organized to follow a clear learning path. You can elect to have students follow the order of the problems as presented in the practice app or assign problem types in any order you wish. 

Ardor Math will adapt each problem type to the skill level of each student.  Student will be rewarded with a badge when they are proficient at a concept (see figure 3).  For this reason you may find that it is more effective to assign math practice using a time goal or a earn a badge goal, instead of the traditional do 15 problems goal. 


Figure 3 - Students earn badges when they have demonstrate proficiency.



A student earns a badge once they demonstrate proficiency.  Student practice goals should be centered around earning a badge for each concept. You should feel confident that once a student earns a badge, they will perform well on that concept. 

The practice app shows which concepts a student is proficient in and which concepts they are not. A student will either see a badge or a locked badge icon. A locked badge indicates that they have not yet demonstrated proficiency for that particular problem type. 





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