Tracking Progress

There are four ways to see the progress of a current problem.

  1. The Category Screen: The Category Screen shows the available problem categories and the current progress in each category. A locked badge indicates that the student has not yet reached level 3. Level 3 represents proficiency for that problem type.  (Figure 1 shows the Category Screen.)

    (Figure 1)

  2. The Progress Screen: When a problem category has been selected a problem will load. From the problem view, press the "info" button. It is an i with a circle around it to the right of the section title at the top. (Figure 2 shows a problem with the "info" button to the right of the section name on top.) When the "info" button has been pressed it will display several headings, the very right hand choice is progress. Pressing that will load the progress for the currently loaded section. (Figure 3 shows the Progress Screen with the "info" headings above it.)

    (Figure 2)

    (Figure 3)

  3. The Problem Answered Screen: When a problem has been answered, a screen will load displaying the correctness of the answer. When the answer is correct a student will be reward with points and click to continue button is displayed. When an answer is incorrect a feedback screen is displayed. The feedback screen shows the correct answer the problem attempted and a walk through example of how to solve the problem. (Figures 4, 5 and 6 show correct and incorrect answer screens and the walk through feedback.)

    (Figure 4 - Correct)

    (Figure 5 - Incorrect)

    (Figure 5 - Walkthrough)



4. When the app is connected to a teacher classroom student progress data can be viewed on the teacher dashboard. (Figure 6 shows the teacher dashboard). 

Figure 6






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