Answering Questions

In order to view questions a category must be selected, once the category is selected it will display a question that contains an input box that can be used to submit the answer.

Question Categories:

All questions are accessed by selecting a category of questions that are going to be practiced. When the application starts the first usable screen is the progress screen which lists the categories and the progress for each category. (Figure 1 shows the progress screen that lists the categories.)

(Figure 1)


Selecting a Category:

So select a category of questions you simply press on it and the app will then generate a question to be answered. Questions vary in difficulty from level 1 through level 5, and the level generated will be based upon the number of previous questions in that category that were answered correctly. (Figure 2 shows a sample of a problem being displayed after the Multiple Step Equations category has been pressed.)

(Figure 2)


Submitting an Answer:

When a question is being displayed, pressing in the available answer box/boxes will cause a keyboard to be displayed that can be used to submit the answer. (Figure 3 shows the keyboard being displayed.) Once the proper answer is entered in the available answer boxes the Continue button should be pressed to submit the answer.

(Figure 3)


Loading the Next Problem:

Pressing anywhere on the answer screen will cause the next answer to load. When an answer has been submitted the answered screen will load. This screen will display the correctness of the solution, the points awarded and the current level, and if correct the current correct answer streak. (Figure 4 and 5 shows the correct and incorrect answer screens.)

(Figure 4)

(Figure 5)


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