Settings, Course Contents, and Contact Us

To access the Settings, Course Contents and Contact us portions of the app press the "three bar" menu icon on the top left of the app. (Figure 1 shows the Categories Screen with the "three bar" menu icon on the left. Figure 2 shows the course contents menu.)

(Figure 1)



The settings menu currently has only one purpose and this is to allow the app data to be reset. App data will not need to be reset very often, but when it does this is where to do it. Note: Resetting the app data will reset all progress in all categories. (Figure 2 shows the settings menu.)

(Figure 2)

Coures Contents

The current app contains only one selection under Course Contents. That is, Basic Tools of Algebra. This section will be able to be populated with more problems and Content Packs in the future. Content Packs will provide a way to practice more types of Math Problems and will be available for download soon.

Contact Us

The Contact Us button allows you to send us comments, suggestions or if necessary report bugs. This can also be done by emailing us at


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