Beta Instructions

To request Beta Access please send an email to

If you have already sent an email but you have not yet received a response to that email please check your junk mail. If it is not there please try again or contact us at

Once you have received an email response about beta access, you should receive an invite to the beta from the iTunes Store. If you have not yet received a response from the iTunes Store after 24 hours please contact us and we will look into why you have not received your invite yet.

After receiving an iTunes Store email you will need to take the following actions.

Installing the Beta using TestFlight

  1. Install Test Flight and accept the TestFlight EULA. (If you already have TestFlight installed you can skip to step 2.) There will be a link in the iTunes Store email with instructions on how to install TestFlight, follow these Instructions an then proceed to step 2.

  2. Once TestFlight is installed you will need to go back to the email from iTunes Store and then click "Open In TestFlight." (See Image 1)

    (Image 1)

Resetting the App Data (v 0.1.0 only)

After the app is installed, the last steps will be to reset the app data. 

  1. View options (see Image 2)
  2. Select the settings menu.
  3. Click "Reset Data" (Image 3) and select yes.

(Image 2)

(Image 3)

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