Viewing Help Cards

What are help cards: Help cards contain examples, explanations and videos that help with understanding each concept that is being practiced in a given section.


Accessing the help cards:

  1. From the problem view, press the "info" button. It is an i with a circle around it to the right of the section title at the top. (Figure 1 shows a problem with the "info" button to the right of the section name on top.)

    (Figure 1)

  2. When the "info" button has been pressed the different parts of each section will be displayed.
  3. Selecting the help section will display the different help topics. (Figure 2 shows the list of help topics for a problem after the help section has been pressed.) The list of topics each has an icon that shows whether or not it is a video example or a written example.

    (Figure 2)

  4. Selecting each of the different help topics will display that topic. (Figure 3 shows a text help topic that has been selected.)

    (Figure 3)

  5. When you are done viewing the current help topic and are ready to view a problem again simply press the practice tab at the top and the current problem will be displayed. 

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